The Thomas Family Reunion Committee asks that each household bring one (1) wrapped gift to give to the winners of the games we have planned for your enjoyment.

Please follow these guidelines when selecting your gift:

1. DO NOT spend more than $20.00 for the gift.

2. Gift must be a souvenir from your city, state, or country. Make sure the name of the place is VISIBLY printed on the gift. Also, include a short message of encouragement, inspiration, or your favorite bible verse with each of your family members names.

3. In order for the winners to receive an appropriate gift -- after wrapping the gift, please label the gift with one of the following:

       a.  Adult Male           d. Adult Female
        b. Teen Male              e. Teen Female
        c. Child Male             f. Child Female

4. In an effort to balance the gifts, we ask that you purchase your gift according to the first letter of your last name as follows:

              A thru D - Child Female gift  
                 E thru H - Teen Female gift
                 I thru L  -  Child Male gift
                 M thru P - Teen Male gift
                 Q thru T - Adult Female gift
                 U thru Z - Adult Male gift