Did you know that the 'THOMAS FAMILY' has 7 GENERATIONS?!?!?
Do you know who your 'ORIGINAL 7 ANCESTOR' is?

Now is the time to figure it out because our 6th THOMAS FAMILY REUNION is presenting 'ANCESTRAL T-SHIRTS' for the first time.

'ANCESTRAL T-SHIRTS' means that whoever your ancestor is from the 'ORIGINAL 7 ANCESTORS', which is the 2nd generation, will determine the color T-shirt you wear.

                           The 'ORIGINAL 7 ANCESTORS' are:

1. Lester Thomas       2. Evelyn Grant        3. Doris Watson      
4. Samuel Thomas     5. Hilda Thomas       6. David Thomas      
7. Edna Dean

Therefore, it is imperative that we receive your registration fee deposit by the deadline, January 31, 2018 so that your correct color T-shirt will be ordered.

Your ancestor and T-shirt information will be recorded on the 'Buy Tickets ' tab.