Any family member who would like to assist in taking an active 
role in coordinating our family reunion, please do not hesitate to contact Elena Peraza.

Any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact  a
Thomas Family Reunion 2018 Committee member listed below:

      NAME                                   EMAIL                    Group Admin

1. Elena Peraza                       *

2. Olive Daye (Shirley)                       *                   
3. Earlton Grant       
4. Julien McCray                   *
5. Christine Grant   (UK)          *
6. Arlene Menzies    
7. John Baker                           *
8. Tracy-Ann Daye  
9. Taz Barnes                      *

Please download WhatsApp on your mobile device and contact a group admin to add you to the Thomas Family Group.

Love & Blessings,

Thomas Family Reunion Committee 2018